Reading Recommendations From CDE Students

Book or article Specific passage or chapter Themes Recommended By:
The Handbook of Rural Development by Stephen P. Gasteyer and Cameron (Khalfani) Herman

Chapter 4 Grassroots Rural Development: models of development, capacity and leadershipBottom-up development strategies Austin Brown 
Spring 2022 
Weaving Indigenous and sustainability sciences to diversify our methods.
Johnson, J., Howitt, R., Cajete, G., Berkes, F., Louis, R., Kliskey, A. (2016).

Multiple ways of thinking Shaquille Sealy 
Winter 2022 
The Institutional and Community Capacity for Aboriginal Education: A Case Study. Journal of In Education. 
Deer, F. ( 2014).

Cross-cultural organizations 
Implementing culturally appropriate programing 
Shaquille Sealy 
Winter 2022 
Feeding The Other:
Whiteness Privilege and Neoliberal Stigma in Food Pantries
Rebecca de Souza (2019)

Resource mobilization, food security, neoliberalism, white privilege Serena Viola
Summer 2022
Turn This World Inside Out:
The Emergence of Nurturance Culture
Nora Samaran (2019)

Nuturance culture, community healing, systemic issues Serena Viola
Summer 2022
The Case For Basic Income:
Freedom, Security, Justice
Jamie Swift & Elaine Power (2021)

Basic income, economics, resource mobilization, local issue (Ontario focused), housing, pandemic Serena Viola
Summer 2022