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Research Activities

For a complete list of publications, graduate student research papers and theses, please visit the atrium.

Congratulations to our recent authors!

*indicates MSc CDE or Rural Studies PhD student research collaboration


Humayan, Khondokar H. & Chowdhury, A. (2021). “Setting Development Agendas by the Media to Combat Threats to Agricultural Sustainability due to the COVID 19 Pandemic in Bangladesh, Canada, and Trinidad and Tobago’,” Local Development & Society,

Rajabi, S., Lashgarara, F., Chowdhury, A., Rashvand, H., & Daghighi, H. (2021). Improving Effectiveness of Rural Information and Communication Technology Offices: The Case of Qazvin Province in Iran. Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development,

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Uddin, Md. Mahtab & Chowdhury, A. (2020-2021). Legal and Ethical Aspects of Deploying Artificial Intelligence for Climate Smart Agriculture: A Global Review. Environmental Studies Association of Canada conference, Edmonton, Canada-Alberta                                           

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Kabir, H., Knirem, A., & Chowdhury, A. (2021). No forest, no dispute: The rights-based approach to creating an enabling environment for participatory forest management based on a case from Madhupur Sal Forest, Bangladesh. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 64 (1), 22-46

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