SUMMER 2022: CDE Externship- Experiential Learning and Virtual Internships

As spring approaches the CDE externship course is calling for CDE students to participate in a learning experience opportunity. Instructor Prof. Helen Hambly organizes experience opportunities with municipalities and large organizations. The course runs for 12 weeks (April-May) with all internships “externships” taking place either remotely or off-campus. To enroll, students must register for the Summer course (CDE6290 Special Topics CDE Internship), once registered please let the instructor know that you are interested in the course as positions are offered and filled on a continued/need-basis.

The aims and objectives of the course are as follows:

  1. Practice the student’s specialist knowledge of theories, approaches and methods commonly used in CDE;
  2. Demonstrate the ability to apply methods informed by scholarly inquiry (see Box 1) to host organization circumstances and systems context;
  3. Demonstrate the ability to discuss in the form of a portfolio of reflective practice the relevance of CDE scholarly and professional interventions;
  4. Demonstrate the ability to find research-based solutions to problems identified by/within the host organization;
  5. Identify and contribute to the achievement of the host organization’s goals with a focused and relevant work plan.

Possible organizations to intern with include:

  • Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council (CAHRC)
  • Canadian City Economic Development Network (CCEDNet)
  • Glacier Farm Media
  • Public Archives of Rural Ontario (PARO)
  • Town of Collingwood

The roles range from working with immigration and agricultural labour policies/programs, agricultural journalism, rural communications and print storytelling, policy work, and scientific writing.  Prof. Helen Hambly is expanding the list as students express interest in taking the course and roles they are interested in experiencing. 

Lorena (CDE class of 2021) participated in the Externship this past summer. Lorena interned with Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) where she worked on bridging together policy, funding, and community interests. Lorena worked beside the government relations director, whose job webbed together with the CCEDNet community and government funding.

  Lorena shared:

“I really like how it (the internship) was all about government relations, which was something that expanded my portfolio of knowledge using skills I learned with CDE.”        

              During her term, she learned the intricacies of the federal government, and how members of parliament are involved in community development initiatives.

If you are interested in the program or have any questions please email Prof. Helen Hambly: